3 Fitness Classes You Have To Try

Published on 03/08/2020

Fitness is on the rise worldwide, with celebrities endorsing and promoting so many classes and trainers it can be challenging to keep up to date with what works, and what’s for you. The fitness revolution is inspiring and rather exciting, with such variety and something truly for everyone. We have compiled a little list of the 3 most diverse and popular classes at the moment. You just must give these a try and there is no doubt one of them will have you run ning back for more. Let’s get those summer bods.

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3 Fitness Classes You Have To Try

Sweat 1000

This 50-minute class will leave you drenched. with different themes, different vibes and an array of methodologies you just cannot go wrong. The class is centered around cardio- there are two components that the trainer directs you through. Half the class begins on the mat and the other half on the floor. The trainer will instruct you of 3-speed variations depending on your fitness: walker, jogger, and runner. The other half of the class will start their workout on the floor whether it be boxing or another of the many themes. The trainer will then countdown from 3 and the class will swap over- this occurs about 4-5 times. The aim is to burn 1000 calories in the class and boost fitness overall.

Switch Playground

Switch was developed by Steve Uria a South African fitness guru who has managed to go global with his incentive. The class is centered around 40 different exercises that aim at targeting every muscle, making it a full-body workout. The class is fun, active and engaging. However, the best part is the live D.J that creates a whole different vibe can attend classes just as much for the music as for the workout. Again multiple trainers are utilized and engage you with their own flair.

Hot Yoga

This fad has been around for a while, with a recent name change due to unfortunate circumstances it is evident that individuals are addicted. The health benefits associated with yoga overall are known very well. Introducing the heat element engages the body on a whole other level. This class takes time to adjust to and is very much about flexibility and strengthening however, individuals report the relaxation and connection of the mind and body. Hot yoga has changed the lives of many and continues to be seen in various countries around the world, it is often something additional individuals do rather than an everyday occurrence as the heat is truly draining. Be careful with this one and stay hydrated.