YouTube And Instagram Fitness Guru’s That Actually Work

Published on 11/15/2020

The fitness industry is booming and on the rise. People are embodying the ideal of a healthier lifestyle, way of life, and approach to everything in the day. These health kicks and fitness ideals are plastered all over social media and YouTube. However, we would like to discuss a few of the people that are at the forefront of this movement. Fitness influencers can be found in the masses but some are more helpful than others, some have taken to their social media accounts to provide us with workouts, tips and so much more. These people are gaining a following, endorsements but they are truly helping so many achieve their goals and change their lives. Have a look at some of the best fitness influencers.

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YouTube And Instagram Fitness Guru’s That Actually Work

Pamela Reif

The 24-year old German fitness influencer is taking over social media and Youtube platforms. Pamela is known for her step by step workouts that are easy to follow and not so time-consuming. She has a following of over 4.8 million. Pamela Reif is not actually a qualified personal trainer but her body is incredible and her workouts reportedly do the job…and well! Reif now has a program and challenge for sale, however, many people have found her online videos enough and swear by them, her popularity is increasing by the second.

Stef Williams

Stef Williams has a program and app called Stef Fit, however, not only is she absolutely sensational she is motivating and shares tons and tons of workout videos on her Instagram. Stef often hosts live’s or posts IGTV videos. Her workouts are super engaging, challenging but they are all a maximum of 30 minutes. We are noticing how fitness is becoming something doable and not too time-consuming which is appealing to more individuals and is seen as more approachable. She shares diet secrets as well as workouts that require minimal equipment. Give her a try and see for yourself.

Bradley Martyn

This YouTube fitness influencer is somewhat worshipped, he can post nearly 5 videos per week, and these cover not only workouts but grocery shops and day-to-day life. Martyn collabs with other influencers on his channel. However, he truly showcases a lifestyle in all its entirety. He has 2.33 million subscribers and over 335 million views. He is all about strength training and huge gains if this is what you are seeking give his channel a try.

Kali Muscle

1.99 million subscribers and over 389 million views, besides this you should check out what he looks like. Kali Muscle is actually an ex-convict who grew up in Compton, he has transformed his life and his body. Kali has a passion for fitness but he is super talented in not only showing individuals how to workout but at keeping them motivated. He uploads daily, and his content varies from cooking, fitness, gaming, and daily vlogs. He has mastered the ability of connecting with his subscribers. If you are looking for the biggest biceps on YouTube look no further. He has been around since 2008 and is going strong!