What Is The Actual Difference Between Functional And Strength Training?

Published on 07/15/2020

For those who are gym fanatics, as well as those who are managing to fit in that hour a day, or even 30 minutes a day of exercise, it is wise to know exactly what you are doing and what works for you. There are a variety of different methods, techniques and training ideals. However, which one are you doing? It can be challenging to understand and tell the difference. Particularly between functional training and traditional strength training. We will delve into these two different methods but also give you a few tips and tricks that will indicate what is best suited for you and your goals.

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What Is The Actual Difference Between Functional And Strength Training?

What Is Traditional Strength Training?

So, there is actually no specific thing as traditional strength training but rather a variety of strength training ideals. The common strength training methods include bodybuilding and physique training, powerlifting, machine, and circuit training. Bodybuilding training focuses on building a typical bodybuilder type of body and physique, meaning really getting “huge.” This method usually means working those muscles until they are very tired and worn out. Powerlifting, on the other hand, is focused on barbell lifting in which the weight is always increasing. Many of these exercises can also be found in functional training but the difference is that it is specific to barbell lifting in different positions. This method is not recommended for the average person who wants to improve their overall fitness. Machine and circuit training relates to all the machines that you can find in the gym, they train the muscles in an isolated technique but may not be able to actually make you stronger in the real world as when doing something in day to day life its groups of muscles that are required.

What Is FunctionalTraining?

Functional training is a full-body approach to a workout and fitness ideal. Functional training aims to better your athletic abilities, physique but also day-to-day activities. Functional training includes an array of methods and almost all the equipment and machinery that strength training does. These tools such as kettlebells, dumbells, sandbags, TRX ropes, and cables are in aid of including different types of movements and targeting groups of muscles. Functional training aims at keeping things more interesting and more diverse in nature. Thus, there are powerlifting exercises and some techniques in functional training too, however, the aim is more diversity and to relate it in ways that will help your overall fitness on the daily.

Choosing What Is Right For You

Both techniques are good, they are efficient and they will alter your fitness and bodily appearance, of course. However, the best option is picking what you enjoy and what you can see yourself becoming dedicated to. If you truly want to see change and alter your lifestyle give a few options a try and see what you like best, what she’s you most, and what fits into your way of doing things. Overall, the difference in functional and strength training is the specificity of traditional strength training.