Home Remedies Against Corona: Tips For Healing At Home

Published on 07/25/2022

In most cases, a corona infection takes a mild or moderate course and can be cured at home. But even a minor illness should not be taken lightly. Symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, as well as a sore throat and headache can exhaust those affected and put them out of action for several days. But what to do with a corona infection? Find out what other things besides inhalation and gargling can help with COVID-19.

Woman Drinking Water (2)

Home Remedies Against Corona: Tips For Healing At Home

Drink Enough

In the case of a corona infection, it is important to drink a lot, as the body needs more liquid than in a healthy state – this is especially true if you have a fever. In addition to water, warm tea is also suitable. Infusions with sage or thyme can relieve a sore throat, for example. The herbs have an antibacterial effect and help loosen mucus.

Fresh Air

Radiant heaters and dry air are detrimental to respiratory illnesses like COVID-19. You should therefore ventilate regularly and keep the room rather cool. Walking is not allowed when you are isolated, but it is often good to get some fresh air with the window open.

Rest And Recovery in COVID-19

Especially in the home office, people tend to work despite corona disease: For the healing process, however, it is important to give the body enough rest and to take care of yourself. It is best to stay in bed, especially if you have a fever. However, lying down all the time is not ideal. As your symptoms subside, you should do some exercise to get your circulation going again.


A popular home remedy for coughs and colds is inhalation. The inhaled water vapor moistens the airways and liquefies viscous mucus. Herbal supplements such as peppermint can also have a calming effect. If you don’t have a special inhaler at home, you can fill a pot or bowl with hot water. Bend your head over it and cover it with a towel.


Gargling with salt water is a classic home remedy for a sore throat and can also have a soothing effect on a corona infection. To use, mix a teaspoon of salt with about 250 milliliters of lukewarm water and stir the solution until the salt crystals have dissolved. Gargle for about five minutes every two to three hours.

Green Tea

Studies indicate that the substance EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) contained in green tea can inhibit the reproduction of corona viruses. However, the studies have so far only checked the effectiveness in the laboratory and not in the human body. It is therefore still unclear whether green tea can actually help with COVID-19.

Oils And Massages Against Corona Headaches

Headaches are also one of the most common corona symptoms. If you don’t want to take painkillers, you can try massaging your temples in a circular motion. In addition, the scalp can be included in the massage. Peppermint oil is also a proven home remedy for headaches. The oil is applied to the forehead and temples.

Cold Bath For Corona Infection

At the first signs, such as a sore throat or aching limbs, a cold bath can do you good. If you have a fever or if you have a severe cough or runny nose, the home remedy puts too much strain on the body. The ideal temperature for a bath is between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius. In addition, a three-quarter bath, with shoulders and knees sticking out of the water, is less tiring for the circulation than a full bath.