What To Do Against Dizziness In The Morning

Published on 08/16/2021

Dizziness in the morning is stressful and can usually significantly reduce the quality of life of those affected. However, with a little consistency, you can counteract some manifestations of the imbalance yourself. We tell you how:

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What To Do Against Dizziness In The Morning

Diet As An Important Factor

Depending on the type of dizziness, the diet can also be a decisive factor in the symptoms. Allergies and intolerances play a role in dizziness. Symptoms often improve when the allergen is avoided. To find out whether a food intolerance or allergy is behind the symptom, you can either have tests carried out by the doctor or keep a food diary. If you notice that you cannot tolerate a certain food group, you should remove it from the menu. Then the dizziness may also go away.

Shower In The Morning

Dizziness is often caused by disorders of the balance organs found in the ears. When dizziness occurs like this, it is particularly helpful if the head is shaken vigorously in all four directions. You should also train your balance. You can do that very well through sport, especially through dancing. In order to prevent such attacks of dizziness, you should take a shower in the morning, lukewarm, warm, and cold. Repeat this four to five times.

Dizziness Due To Low Blood Pressure

If you feel dizzy from low blood pressure, it can help to strengthen your circulatory system in the long term. Possibilities for this are: Get up in a targeted manner Take some time to get up in the morning to stimulate your circulation. Stretch yourself, cycle with your legs in the air, roll alternately to the left and right and get your circulation going. It is important to do these exercises on a regular basis. Another option are alternating showers, where you switch from warm to cold since this gets the circulation going. In addition to that, if you clench your hands several times into a fist and then open them again, it supplies your brain with additional oxygen.

Help With Vertigo

In the case of dizziness, the first thing to do is to stabilize the circulation again. There are different possibilities for this: Breathe consciously and calmly because dizziness can result from both a lack of oxygen and an excess of oxygen. Drink a cool glass of water in peace to get your circulation going. If you feel that your dizziness is caused by hypoglycaemia, reaching for a piece of chocolate may help. Lie down with your legs up until the dizziness subsides.