Why Sweating Is Good For You

Published on 05/21/2020
Why Sweating Is Good For You

Why Sweating Is Good For You

Sweating can be rather gross, we know. However, you probably don’t realize how good it is to sweat. There are plenty of surprising benefits to having active sweat glands that most people don’t realize. So, whether you like sweating or not, it’s not the enemy. Let’s talk about some of the reasons sweating is good for you:

Sweating Can Produce Endorphins

If you’re working out, the more you sweat, the more endorphins you end up producing. Aside from improving your mood and giving you that ‘runner’s high’ endorphins also act as natural painkillers!

Cleans The Skin

When you sweat, aside from cooling the body down, it also cleans your skin from the inside out. This means that it will release all that gunk and grime that built up in your pores. As a result, this will help clear your skin. Just be sure to wash your face after a good sweat session.

Controls Your Mood

This might sound odd, but sweating can help with mood swings! The reason behind it is that since you’re left with a warm sense of well-being and relaxation after getting a good sweat, it will positively affect your moods as a result.

Helps Prevent Colds

Sweating can help you prevent colds and other infections since it contains an antimicrobial peptide called dermcidin. It aids with fighting infections and germs as well.

Regulates Your Body Temperature

The body is a very fragile thing. Of course, overheating is a risk when you’re exercising and it’s very dangerous. Naturally, we have a built-in cooling system, aka sweating. When the body sweats, it literally is doing so to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

Helps Hair

Sweating from your scalp can help unclog hair follicles and allow room for new hair growth. Not to mention, it sweating will help released any buildup inside the pores on your scalp that might be stunting the growth of your hair. However, the salty sweat buildup on the scalp won’t be good for the hair itself. So, when you’ve worked out and worked up a good sweat, make sure to wash your hair afterward so you aren’t left with excess sweat on your head.