8 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis

Published on 11/08/2021

Do you feel like you are sitting all day long and not moving enough throughout the days? Here are 8 reasons why you should start playing tennis.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis

A Longer Life

It’s no secret that sport keeps us young and fit. What is surprising, however, is that playing tennis actually extends the lifespan by around 10 years, as researchers found in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. Over 8,500 participants were asked about their sporting activities over a longer period of time. The life expectancy of people who played tennis was a full 9.7 years longer than those who were not active in sports.

Training For Body And Mind

From head to toe – tennis training demands the whole body and several muscle groups: arms, legs, stomach, and back. Coordination and motor skills are refined, while comprehension and concentration skills are improved at the same time. A sport for body and mind!

Tennis Minimizes The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

A healthy heart through tennis? The sport gets us going and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Regular exercise can reduce the percentage of body fat and improve blood lipid levels. Overall physical fitness reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another plus: In tennis, the risk of injury is lower than in other sports.

Tennis Encourages Social Interactions

Despite the physical distance, tennis encourages social interaction with your tennis partner. Even if you play against each other, the shared joy in the game is twice as great. Being involved in the association and the associated activities promote a sense of community. As studies show, social interactions contribute significantly to our well-being. Sports scientists even claim that tennis helps us to resolve conflicts in a healthier way because the game trains emotional control.

Tennis Brings You Closer To Your Dream Body

As a classic running sport, both endurance and short sprints are among the basic elements of tennis – quite apart from coordination and technique. Around one hour of intensive training burns around 730 calories, boosts the metabolism and supports important detoxification processes (through sweating). At the same time, the muscles in the buttocks, thighs, lower legs and the arm and shoulder area, as well as the entire trunk, are strengthened. If you play tennis regularly, you can look forward to melting love handles, a better metabolism and firm, athletic contours.

Good For The Bones

The relatively hard and sometimes abrupt impacts when the heel bone touches down considerably increase bone density throughout the body and have a positive effect on bone mass. This protects against osteoporosis, the most common bone disease in old age.

Regardless Of Age

If you are in good health and have good circulation, tennis can be played into old age. Success individually and especially in a group gives the feeling of being in the middle of life and ensures optimism and vitality.

Low Risk Of Injury

Since tennis is not a direct contact sport, the bruises and other injuries that occur when colliding with opponents are much less common.