Tips To Having Glowing Skin Year-Round

Published on 02/18/2020

Our skin is on display all day every day, nothing we can do about that one. However, it is a direct representation of our health too. We are all aware of how important it is to apply sunscreen and take care of our skin whether it be by keeping it clean, moisturized and blemish-free, this can be truly tough with seasonal changes and the business of our schedules. We have compiled a few easy tips to give you that summer glow year-round.

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Tips To Having Glowing Skin Year-Round


In the summer months we know just how much we perspire and the body, in turn, needs as much water as possible to stay hydrated. This assists your skin just as much, the more water you drink the healthier your lymphatic system will be and all regulatory functions. Consistent hydration means fewer toxins and more glow. We highly recommend drinking as much water as you can but also if exercising an extra liter is necessary.

Taking Warm Baths And Showers

As much as being in a hot environment can dehydrate the skin, these relaxing methods when paired with moisturization techniques such as skin-friendly oils and creams can leave your skin super soft and smooth. The heat will open your pores and allow extra absorption thus, it is important to use products that will not block your pores. A good tip is to moisturize after a hot bath to lock that lost hydration back in.

Quit Smoking

Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen, promotes premature wrinkles and halts the breathability of your skin. This can, of course, harm your glow and aging process as a whole as the skin needs moisture and hydration to function at its peak. Quitting smoking is a tough challenge but one that has many benefits besides your skin.

Pro-tip: using shea-butter is a great idea for all the above reasoning, it does not block pores, promotes circulation, is an anti-aging cream and reduces cellulite.