Healthy And Easy One Tray Meal Ideas

Published on 07/01/2020

Cooking can simply be a mission at times, after a long day no one really wants to stand over the stove and prepare an entire meal. Being healthy is often foregone in these moments, however, we have the perfect way you can be healthy and save yourself some time. These trays are also actually delicious- making cooking a breeze. Whatever your taste may be as long as you have an oven we can make it work. These meal tips will truly change your life and give you a love for cooking.

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Healthy And Easy One Tray Meal Ideas

Salmon And Vegetables

Quick, easy and delicious. Simply place your Salmon on a baking tray, add vegetables such as zucchini, chopped broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Salmon cooks really quickly- we strongly suggest using finely chopped vegetables as they need time to cook. Drizzle the tray with olive oil or spray for those who prefer and olive-oil-based spray. Add the following spices generously: garlic salt, salt, pepper, paprika, and chili flakes for a kick. Depending on your preferred taste you can also add soya sauce and freshly ground garlic and ginger. Additionally, another option is soya sauce and teriyaki for a sweeter version. Our favorite is to top each piece of salmon with honey and dijon mustard, finally adding a thinly sliced lemon on top and simply place it in the oven. The tray will take around 20-30 minutes to cook depending on how thick your salmon is. Once ready top with some freshly chopped parsley.

Chicken And Potatoes

If you have time to pre-marinade your chicken- great if not, it is also perfectly ok and still delicious to spice them on the spot. Placing your chicken in an oven tray that has a bit of depth, spice accordingly. We like to use: oregano, salt, pepper, freshly ground garlic, sweet and spicy paprika, Italian herbs, and a dash of basil too. Cutting your potatoes in small rounds we like to use a mix of both sweet potatoes and normal ones. You can add whatever other vegetables you want too, carrots are a great choice! Simply drizzle in olive oil and throw it in the oven. Ensure you flip the chicken 10 minutes in.

Greek Lamb Tray Bake

This one takes a little bit more cooking time and has a few extra steps but it is simply delicious! Using a deep pan for this one is preferred. Start by preheating your oven of course. Bring your baking dish/ pan to heat on the stove with some oil of your choice. Add your lamb once seasoned with salt and pepper. This is simply to brown te meat. Once your lamb is browned add fresh oregano, chopped onion, cumin, paprika and 3 or 4 bay leaves. Once you have mixed this up pour over a can of fresh chopped and peeled tomatoes. Cover the tray with foil and insert into the oven. After an hour and a half turn the stew mixture and cook for an additional half-an-hour. Then add pasta, more salt, and a cup of boiling water to the mixture- recover and let it cook for the last half-an-hour. Once cooked top with crumbled feta, fresh lemon juice and more chopped oregano. You can cook the dish for even longer need be.