These New Sports Are Debuting In 2020

Published on 01/23/2020

It’s not too often that new sports debut and become popular right away, but who knows, these new games may be the new hit in town. While we can be sure none of these sports will make their debut in the 2020 Olympic games, their popularity is growing, so get on board fast. While most of these games will sound outlandish, when we think about it, using a metal stick to hit a leather ball into a field and then running around in a circle is quite odd too. All mainstream sports started with an idea and determination. Let’s give these new players to the game some respect and check out 2020’s newest sports!

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These New Sports Are Debuting In 2020

1.Earthing: Earthing was first started in Denmark by Mark Aaron Saus. So what is it exactly? Earthing is a power-sprinting event combining swimming and running over a 110m stretch. For those who are wondering, no it isn’t a biathlon. The earthing champion is the fastest human, over land and through water, on Earth. Saus took swimming and running (the 2 most popular Olympic sports) and combined them.

2.Hantis: Ben Fatherree, Jason Johns and a few friends created Hantis, a dynamic ping pong game. It’s being played in schools all over the U.S. thanks to Physical Education (PE) teachers. Hantis became popular because it’s free, and schools can use existing resources: 4 tables and 1 ball. The game has a Freestyle mode that rotates players, encouraging a group effort instead of single-player domination. The game is also easily adaptable; first-time players can easily learn tricks in minutes.

3.Supa Punt™: John Luckie of Australia created Supa Punt™. The game is very simple and attracts people who enjoy kicking an oval-shaped football. The game is a one-on-one no-contact sport. Supa Punt™ can also be played in doubles and must take place on a rugby union, rugby league, soccer, or gridiron field. There are only 2 rules: the 7-second rule and the 2-meter band.