2020 Tokyo Olympics- All You Need To Know

Published on 01/06/2020

The 2020 Summer Olympics are finally upon us. Tokyo is preparing for the arrival of athletes from every corner of the globe. These young men and women have been training tirelessly day in and day out to prepare their bodies for the world stage. Grueling workouts, strict diets, and constant competition dominate these athletes’ lives. Nothing feels as good as winning, standing on the podium and receiving the esteemed Olympic medal for all to see. The spectators, the judges, and most importantly, the athletes are all ready for the Olympic games. Let’s dive into Tokyo with all of the information you need to know come July.

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2020 Tokyo Olympics- All You Need To Know

Important Dates

Opening Ceremony: Friday, July 24th 2020

Closing Ceremony: Sunday, August 9th 2020

The Paralympics: August 25th-September 6th 2020

Swimming: July 25th- August 2nd 2020

Rhythmic Gymnastics (not including qualifiers): July 27th- August 4th 2020

Track & Field: July 31st- August 8th 2020

Important Information

The numerous events will be held in 40 locations across Tokyo. Japan’s last time hosting the Summer Olympics was back in 1964; they later hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998.

The Olympics is covered by NBC with 24/7 streaming online.

Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of the West Coast, USA.

Fast Facts

The 2020 Olympic logo was designed by Tokyo-based artist Asao Tokolo. The checkered circle has three shapes within the pattern, each representing excitement, equality, and diversity. The International Olympic Committee said, “This chequered design in the traditional Japanese color of indigo blue expresses a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplifies Japan”.

A few new sports have been added to the mix, including karate, sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, basketball 3-on-3 tournament, rugby sevens (7-player rugby game), and golf. Baseball and softball were left out of the London and Rio Olympics, but due to their popularity in Japan, they will be in Tokyo.

The next Summer Olympics will be in 2024 in Paris, followed by Los Angeles in 2028.


Tickets are already sold out, so if you’re like us you’ll be enjoying the games from your couch. However you’ll be experiencing the Olympics this year, we hope you enjoy! They only come every 4 years after all.