Tips To Stay Healthy While On Vacation

Published on 02/10/2020

Vacations are when most people’s diets go down the toilet. How can you resist the 24-hour/day buffet and the bottomless Pina Coladas? You can’t…and you shouldn’t. For most of us, vacations don’t come very often, so it’s important to enjoy them. With that being said, we hate to see all of our hard work in the gym go down the toilet in a week’s time. What if we told you it was possible to enjoy your favorite island treats and keep your stomach as toned as when you stepped off the plane?

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Tips To Stay Healthy While On Vacation

We urge you to thoroughly enjoy whatever foods speak to you, but just remember the golden rule: everything in moderation. Can’t turn down the smell of those chocolate chip cookies? Grab one and be done. You may not be completely satisfied right after eating the last bite, but wait 30 minutes and we bet you will be. If you have to decide between a morning pastry or ice cream after dinner- choose one or the other. You’re not limiting yourself, you’re simply eating in moderation. If you have to have both, eat a salad for lunch instead of a burger.

Another great way to stay healthy while on vacation is by clocking some steps and calories. Most hotels and resorts offer gyms, some even boast classes. We recommend checking out the morning spin class then hitting the beach. For those who want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, go for a power walk on the beach or join a beach volleyball game. Walking will also give you the ability to see the sights while tanning both your back and front. Beach volleyball is a great way to meet people and get sandy while at it- who’s up for a dip after?

Don’t throw all of your hard work away while on vacation, but don’t deprive yourself either. A happy-medium ensures you’re keeping your physical and mental health in check with exercise while also enjoying yourself by divulging in that piece of chocolate cake.